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Your Zodiac Sign As A Scary Movie

Horror Movie is Shown on Screen in Cinema Cartoon. Foreground, Viewers are Watching Movie Sitting in Cinema, Rear View. On Screen Man in Mask with Knife in his Hand, Scary Film Flat.

With Halloween right around the corner, we have scary movies on the mind. Whether you’re into horror, psychological thrillers, gore, or good old fashion paranormal genres, The Nerdist has pulled a list of scary movies that represent each zodiac sign. So pop your popcorn, put on your comfy clothes, and settle in with your sun sign’s scary movie this Halloween season!

Aries: Bird Box

Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic thriller film that follows Malorie Hayes (Sandra Bullock), as she fights off mysterious monsters to get her children to a safe space. Like Aries, the film highlights the importance of following your instincts. And though Bird Box isn’t exactly the easiest movie to understand, neither is Aries. Both the film and the Zodiac sign focus on survival, and though there are deeper issues worth exploring, who has the time? 

The Nerdist

Taurus: Secret Obsession

Whether you watched (or liked) this 2019 thriller or not, it’s drenched of Taurus vibes. People don’t always get this sign’s stubborn streak or desire to stay in control, but Secret Obsession puts the spotlight on how fixed on someone a Taurus can get. The Netflix film follows a young woman, Jennifer Williams (Brenda Song), who finds herself in a hospital bed with no memory of what happened or how she got there. Secret Obsession builds tension with increasingly nerve-wracking red flags, leading to an ultimate showdown.

The Nerdist

Gemini: Suicide Circle

Gemini is known for its desire to gain clarity and to understand the world around them. They aren’t satisfied with what their eyes can see, so they communicate and ask questions to understand the “who, what, where, when, and why” of a situation. Suicide Circle is a Japanese satirical horror film that follows the Tokyo police department as they try to understand the reason behind all the mass suicides occurring in the city. Despite the film’s gory and triggering content, there’s a split between the darker tone of the adults and the more cheerful and whimsically tone in the teenagers.

The Nerdist

Cancer: Psycho

Cancers are the nurturers of the Zodiac, children with sunny dispositions and sensitive personalities. Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary film Psycho follows a woman, Marion Crane, who steals a large sum of money and runs away to be with her boyfriend. On her way to California, Marion stops at a hotel where she meets the infamous Norman Bates. We aren’t going to spend this Halloween unpacking how that energy could express itself in Cancers who identify as male, as there are many cultural factors to account for. 

The Nerdist

Leo: It and It: Chapter Two

Leos everywhere, rejoice! You’re special and get two movie selections. To be fair, It and It: Chapter Two are both based on Stephen King’s lengthy novel, which was split into two films. It centers around a group of children in the 1980s trying their best to cope with their fears and process their trauma. Children are usually under the control of their parents, for better or worse, and we see this play out by following the lives of “The Loser’s Club.” Leo energy finds its home in the 5th house of pleasure, creativity, and children, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that the kids of IT represent Leo.

The Nerdist

Virgo: I Am Mother

I am Mother is a Netflix sci-fi thriller about an extremely intelligent android, “Mother,” raising a human child, “Daughter.” Daughter spends the majority of her life learning ethics and philosophy, subjects that Mother feels she needs to study in order to restart the human race. Virgos have an underlying desire to be the best, something so ingrained in their psyche that they have to prepare and plan for everything. 

The Nerdist

Libra: Saw

I can’t imagine how John Kramer felt when he learned that he had an inoperable frontal lobe tumor, but I find it fascinating that he gave birth to Jigsaw after his suicide attempt. It was that extreme low that led Kramer to find a new “purpose” in life, one where he would place victims in life-threatening scenarios that challenge their moral and ethical reasoning. While Saw may just seem like a twisted play on “What would you do?” it is actually very Libra-like at its core. Libras care about justice, fairness, and empathy. Ironically, Saw puts people seemingly “impossible” situations and forces them to make decisions, something that could arguably send a Libra to their end.

The Nerdist

Scorpio: Get Out

Scorpio energy is notorious for being intense, complex, and multifaceted. Much like Get Out, Scorpios’ energy dips into the darker themes of life. Get Out is a film that challenges some of our perspectives and experiences in our own skin. Though the film starts off friendly and somewhat light-hearted, soon the terrifying aspects of Scorpio begin to seep out. Scorpios can be extremely reflective, so it’s no surprise that our Scorpio film is filled with homicidal micro-aggressions to unpack.

The Nerdist

Sagittarius: Scary Movie

Sagittarius don’t take themselves too seriously and often use humor as a way to cope with scary or even upsetting situations. Not everyone can make it through a “true” scary movie, and that’s where Sagittarius energy makes it all bearable. Scary Movie is a parody film that follows a group of teenagers who accidentally hit a man with a car, then decide to get rid of the body.

The Nerdist

Capricorn: Us

Though they can be very focused and determined, Capricorns can also be some of the most imaginative and creative of the Zodiac. Capricorn has a certain child-like wonder. Ruled by Saturn, they don’t mind dedicating their whole lives to build their own personal dream-land. Us, another Jordan Peele horror film, captures the Capricorn-like dualism of maintaining the status quo while trying to get ahead. The film closely follows a mother, Adelaide, who’s particularly shy with a mysterious and traumatic backstory.

The Nerdist

Aquarius: The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Aquarius is a sign that often feels before their time and is called out for being “weird.” While others may want to uphold order, Aquarius challenges the world by forcing it to reconcile what it is and what it’s trying to be. Much like Aquarius, The Rocky Horror Picture Show takes traditional values, mocks them, and throws them out the window. This film stars a self-proclaimed “sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania,” which was extremely shocking at the time because only 6 years prior, the Stonewall riots broke out in New York, New York. Aquarius is an energy that often struggles with suppressing their strange side in order to conform to a more “appropriate society.” 

The Nerdist
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