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Libra New Moon, September 28: A Shamanic Astrology Update!

Footprints in the Snow

There is a New Moon in Libra on September 28, 2019. New Moons can symbolize new beginnings. They mark powerful opportunities to reset, renew, and redefine goals and objectives. New Moons represent the start of a new lunar cycle and tend to be launchpads for new projects, actions, and intentions.

The Libra New Moon on Septemeber 28, provides a beautiful opportunity to work with balancing all things associated with Libra energy, i.e. relationships, justice, and fairness. Are there areas within your romantic relationships, business relationships, friendships, or relationship to self that seek balance and harmony? Where can you objectively reset in order to create more beauty in these elements of your life? The Power Path, Shamanic Astrology experts, speak to the energies as a time to push through limitations and expand in a new way.

There is growth and healing in allowing vulnerability to drive new intentions, to purge the old, and forgive the old wounds whose residue has held you back from moving forward into a bigger life. We are at the brink of expanding our dreams and our experience of life in a really beautiful way. We can push through our limitations through action, discipline and commitment. What stands in the way is our own stubborn position of blame, being right and not willing to forgive. So take a courageous step this New Moon and allow yourself to complete the wounded chapters of your story so you can turn the page.

Lena Stevens, The Power Path

Although it can be challenging to let go of old patterns, this New Moon in Libra supports just that. Be courageous and vulnerable and release old ways that no longer serve you. Step into your new chapter with harmony, justice, and love for self and others.

Shannan Slevin

Shannan Slevin is a leading expert in driving organizational, community, and individual well-being. She pulls from a wide range of methodologies with a background in Communications, Astrology, Pilates, Yoga, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, Integrative Health Coaching, Nutrition, and Mindful Leadership. Shannan has taught more than 5,000 students, including high-integrity CEOs, Venture Capitalists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-suite executives—she encourages self-awareness, creativity, and consciousness through all of her endeavors.

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