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Key Traits of Scorpio + Sagittarius Cusp Signs

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If your birthday falls between November 17 – 26 you’re a Scorpio, Sagittarius cusp sign! Cusp signs are signs that were born within the first five days or last five days of a sign, straddling the border of two different worlds and sharing the characteristics of both. My birthday is November 21, making me a “Scoprittarius” — I can relate to the entrepreneurial adventurous, and energetic characteristics of the “Cusp of The Revolution” described below.

The Cusp of Scorpio + Sagittarius: The Cusp Of The Revolution!

Scorpio, Sag cusps tend to be energetic, adventurous, powerful, and accomplished. As the “Cusp of The Revolution”, these signs are also rebellious, wild, and misunderstood. “Scorpitarrions” make for great entrepreneurs, bosses, and are high-energy folks.

For more information on this cusp combination tune in with Genuinely DIVINE below. Give me a shout-out if you’re a fellow “Cusp of The Revolution”!

Shannan Slevin

Shannan Slevin is a leading expert in driving organizational, community, and individual well-being. She pulls from a wide range of methodologies with a background in Communications, Astrology, Pilates, Yoga, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, Integrative Health Coaching, Nutrition, and Mindful Leadership. Shannan has taught more than 5,000 students, including high-integrity CEOs, Venture Capitalists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-suite executives—she encourages self-awareness, creativity, and consciousness through all of her endeavors.

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