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December 20th, 2019: Venus in Aquarius— Respect Their Reality

Venus moves into Aquarius tomorrow, which means the focus in relationships turns to family, friendship, and community. Now is the time to share your affections with those in your life who encourage you, support you, and lift up your endeavors. In Aquarius, Venus represents the love of comradery, friendship, and community above all. Personal romantic connections are valued, but kept in check by the needs of your larger community ties.

Venus in Aquarius also represents the need for individuality and freedom, even within close connections. Interdependence is valued over codependence– learn to let those you love explore their limits and reach beyond the known. The expansion of the knowledge and creativity of a loved one can help you learn more about yourself as well. Enjoy the space and inspiration to make new connections and expand beyond your comfort zone– each new connection made is an opportunity to learn more about yourself, the world, and the various unique ways people live in it.

Above all, recognize that every single person lives in an entire universe of their own making. Respect their reality, and respect where they are coming from. You can find a bridge to cross any difficult conversation or struggle, as long as you first recognize the common ground.

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume, “AstroSagas,” is a first generation latinx astrologer living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master’s degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that’s been active for 7 years, Sagas combines scientific inquiry, astrological intuition, and a dedication to de-colonizing the mind.

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