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Be A Guest On The Dream Show: Real-Time Analysis!

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Have you ever woken up, in sheer horror, from the depths of a “naked presentation” dream? Only to immediately confirm that yes, you’re wearing pants. And no, you’re not public speaking (in the nude) in front of hundreds of strangers. Or, have you had the dream in which your teeth have fallen out? Or, the dream where you’re making out with that random coworker from 10-years back?

What is your brain processing as these shocking visualizations unfold in your subconscious? Is there a deeper meaning and message to these random plot twists?

Expert dream analyst, Jane Teresa Anderson, hosts a fascinating show, The Dream Show Podcast, in which she analyses dreams in real-time.

When you understand your dreams you understand yourself and when you understand yourself you understand your world. You can then look at your world and decide what to change. For example, if your dreams indicate that you have an unconscious belief that it’s safest to agree with your friends because they’ll make you feel included, you’ll understand why you feel so anxious about putting yourself in any position where you are required to be different, to risk what your unconscious mind perceives as the dangers of being excluded. 

Jane Teresa Anderson

Join me and be a guest on her show! As a Scorpio, I can’t wait to hear what Jane has to say about my deep, dark, secretive dreamscape. Stay tuned.

Shannan Slevin

Shannan Slevin is a leading expert in driving organizational, community, and individual well-being. She pulls from a wide range of methodologies with a background in Communications, Astrology, Pilates, Yoga, GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM®, Integrative Health Coaching, Nutrition, and Mindful Leadership. Shannan has taught more than 5,000 students, including high-integrity CEOs, Venture Capitalists, entrepreneurs, business owners, and C-suite executives—she encourages self-awareness, creativity, and consciousness through all of her endeavors.

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