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Aries: Monthly Horoscope October 2019

This week will be a slow and deliberate start to the month of October, with planets beginning to move into Scorpio and Pluto arising from its sleep. It may not feel like much is happening on the surface, but underneath, the ground is shaking, awakening in order to be transformed. 

Pluto moves direct in Capricorn on October 3rd, and for those of you born between April 9th– 16th, this means you will start to feel the pressure of Pluto’s weight in your life. With Pluto square your natal sun, the last year has been about change brought through conflict. Perhaps you lost friends that you thought has your back but turned out to be less than loyal, or you left a job on what you thought was good terms but later turned sour. Certain avenues have been closed—and with good reason. Now is your time to step into your power. 

For all of us Aries, the last few months of 2019 are about taking the necessary steps in order to actualize your vision. January of next year finds both Saturn and Pluto in your tenth house of vocation, so you will be asked to confront the mediocrity you have accepted in your life thus far. It’s better to shed those layers now then wait for that time of reckoning. 

Mercury moves into Scorpio on the 3rdof Octoberas well, ensuring that this week is about taking your process and your transformation seriously. The connections you have made this year have brought you to a new place: a better understanding of your own motivations. With that understanding, you can use your agency to set better boundaries. 

Mars moves into Libra on October 4th,meaning that this insight is to be used in how you relate. Be careful in how you handle the energy of this day—you may get into unnecessary conflicts in order to prove a point that could be finessed had you waited a day. All the information you are receiving is vitally important, and you are absolutely correct in wanting to take some space in order to integrate—just make sure you communicate those needs with grace and compassion. 

The following week picks up the pace, and quickly. 

On October 7ththe Sun, currently in your 7thhouse, makes a square to Saturn, in your 10th. This can indicate that there will be some friction between your work commitments and your responsibilities to your partner(s). You may feel frustrated or weighed down by what’s being asked of you on multiple fronts—be careful and take rest on this day. October 7thalso makes the day that Mercury opposes Uranus, so the chance of making outbursts or saying things out of frustration that may cause damage is high. 

Don’t react emotionally to any conversations or disagreements that come up on this day, plus or minus 2-3 days. Remember that things will be more easily soled later on, once these transits are not in effect. 

Venus enters your 8thhouse the following day, onOctober 8th,indicating that you are seeking deeper intimacy in your connections now. You want to be inspired and transformed by the people you have close ties to now.  This could be a powerful day for making intense connections (if you’re looking for that sort of thing) or a day to tune into your own power and agency. Notice who you want to share your time and energy with, and what kind of conversations stir up your inner motivations. 

The Full Moon in Aries on Sunday, October 13this preceded by Venus opposite Uranus just the day before—this will be a powerful lunation for you centered on generating a sense of worthiness and power. You’ll want to notice how your particular skills and gifts impact others, and what you can do to better serve and support those around you. This doesn’t mean sacrifice, this means creating relationships of mutual support and inspiration. The trine to Jupiter by this Full Moon will prove a wonderfully inspirational connection is imminent. You may find a new mentor or guide, or a connection that will prove veryhelpful for some of your aspirations. Pay attention. 

You may feel restless following the Full Moon in Aries of last week, and that will be due in part to the Jupiter sesquiquadrate Uranus transit on October 14thThis transit has more of an effect on the cultural level than on the personal level per se, but it will definitely color the vibe of the entire week ahead. 

Watch out for feeling unfulfilled, like you haven’t done enough with your time, or like you just can’t get things right. You really are doing a lot right now and need to appreciate where you are at and all that you have accomplished. 

Mercury will trine Neptune on October 15th, and you may have some ideas about what you’d like to do next in terms of self-awareness and growth, but these are things to keep in mind, not things to make yourself feel bad about. Write down your inspiration and make some cohesive plans if you must, but don’t let the feeling of frustration get to you. 

The weekend may bring some conflict between your own desires for intimacy and the responsibilities you have signed on for at this time. If you’ve been trying to do too much, you’re definitely going to feel it on October 20th,when Venus sextiles Saturn. 

Take it easy and accept that because you have taken on certain commitments, you’ll have to follow through—but make sure not to do this again. You have nothing to prove and are ust exhausting yourself beyond your limits. All things in due time. 

You have a lot to gain from your ability to forge strong and supportive connections starting this week, Aries. We start off the week with Venus trine Neptune on October 21stwhich for you will bring to the forefront your spiritual inspiration as a source of transformation now. If you’ve been grinding at the yoga class, meditation, or self-help series and have reached a plateau, now may be a time where you gain some insight that will finally push you along to a deeper practice.

The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23rdsetting us up for the New Moon in Scorpio on October 27ththe focus is on your agency and power within connections. Even though you are a pioneer and adventurer who is used to doing things alone, you’ll benefit greatly from building a project with a partner—someone who can bring the structure, longevity, and resources you need to really get things going. 

Smooth over any conflicts with loved ones on the day leading up to this New Moon—and watch out for Venus sextile Pluto on October 25th.Now is the time to make amends and realize that all your ideas and inspiration do not exist in a vacuum—you need people to help you push your ideas further. The key is to figure out which connections to tap into in order to grow. 

We’ll end the month on wonderful day for intimacy and connection with a partner, beau, friend, or potential love interest on the day before Halloween, October 30thThis is a wonderful day to have a heart to heart with someone important, or revisit a difficult conversation in order to make sure you both feel at peace. Mercury goes retrograde in Scorpio on Halloween, October 31stso make sure you have everything smoothed out by then. You don’t want to start of this retrograde, or this holiday, on the wrong foot. 

Celia Sagastume

Celia Sagastume, “AstroSagas,” is a first generation latinx astrologer living in the in Bay Area, California. With a master’s degree in social cognition, and an astrology practice that’s been active for 7 years, Sagas combines scientific inquiry, astrological intuition, and a dedication to de-colonizing the mind.

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